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Anyone interested in some or all of the following:

Make realtime estimates of quarterly reports for public and private gaming publishers before the quarterly reports are presented to the market

See estimates of:

  • Revenue and user acquisition cost per app
  • Revenue and user acquisition per publisher
  • Revenue and user acquisition cost for multiple publishers grouped as you wish
  • Revenue trends per app, publisher or multiple publisher
  • User acquisition cost trends per app, publisher or multiple publisher


  • Current and historical country rankings for apps on Iphone, Ipad and Google Play
  • Current and historical global rankings for apps on Steam
  • grouped to your own needs

So anyone interested in gaming apps on Iphone, Ipad, Google Play and Steam. It can be app developers, app publishers, private and professional investors or anyone interested in the gaming market

Yes, one of our main missions is to make it as easy as possible to use and understand screenerlabs.

No, you don’t need any prior knowledge to be able to use and understand the screenerlabs platform. The more you use it, the more features you will discover. Once you start to use it, you don’t want to be without it.

We take large volumes of realtime data and make  it easy for the user to get revenue estimates, user acquisition estimates, trends, app rankings, and so on, in realtime.

Areas of use:

  • App rankings
  • Revenue estimates
  • UA (User Acquisitions) estimates
  • Revenue and UA estimates per region
  • Revenue and UA estimates for multiple publishers
  • Screen publishers based on revenue and UA estimates
  • Screen publishers based revenue and UA trends
  • and much more

Many users use screenerlabs for this to get an edge on the market.

However, remember that all numbers are estimates and we take no responsibility for the correctness.

Appannie, Sensortower, Priori, and similar analysis sites.

However, we hope we have a better and more cost effective solution.

Revenue estimates are usually more precise than UA estimates. Our goal is to have an average precision of +-5% for the revenue estimates, and +-10% for UA estimates. However, we take no responsibility for the correctness.

We take no responsibility for any of the data being correct. We try do always be as precise as possible, but there are no guarantees.

We aim to be best in class. Feedback so far from our customers are very positive.

We have a 10-day money back guarantee.

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You probably refer to this  page

There are 1000’s of private and public gaming publishers with rankings and estimates in the Screenerlabs platform, below is an excerpt of ~50 public companies with estimates to make access easy.

This way you can see how easy it is to select one or multiple publishers yourself and get estimates, rankings, etc.

Send an email to if you are missing any company.

All revenue estimates are represented with revenue score, called “score”.

Score represents the market share of the total revenue for each platform (Iphone, Ipad, Google play and Steam), so an increase in score from 100 to 110 for a publisher on Iphone means its market share has increased 10%, and hence its revenue increased 10% on Iphone.

The precision of all revenue estimates are usually >95%, so how come the estimates don’t always match the top line of the companies’ quarterly reports?

The reason is that while some companies have >90% of revenue from the mobile stores (iphone, ipad and google play) and Steam (for example G5 Entertainment), some other companies can have 30-40% (for example Embracer).

Hence for some companies the majority of revenue can come from xbox (and game pass), playstation, PC, web browser games, franchising, movies (like Rovio), etc, which screenerlabs does not currently cover.

Also, some companies get revenue from apps that are published by other companies (publishers), like for example Gravity interactive, which has a considerable amount of revenue coming from Gungho Entertainment who acts as a publisher for the game “Ragnarok ” in Japan.

The precision of the user acquisition estimates, ua score, also called “score”, are usually >80%.

The new platform for analyzing games

Iphone, Ipad, Google Play and Steam
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