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Realtime estimates of revenue and marketing

With screenerlabs you can:


Realtime estimates of quarterly reports for public and private gaming publishers before the quarterly reports are presented to the market.
For example, our quarterly revenue, also known as top line, estimates of the company “G5 Entertainment” (listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange)  has on average had 98% accuracy for several consecutive quarters. The estimates are available months in advance to the public quarterly reports of G5 Entertainment. We do realtime revenue (top line) estimates for thousands of publishers.

We also provide User Acquisition Cost estimates (marketing cost estimate) for all publishers, currently with an average accuracy of about 90 %.


           See estimates of:

  • Revenue and user acquisition cost per app
  • Revenue and user acquisition per publisher
  • Revenue and user acquisition cost for multiple publishers grouped as you wish
  • Revenue trends per app, publisher or multiple publishers
  • User acquisition cost trends per app, publisher or multiple publishers
  • Current and historical country rankings for apps on Iphone, Ipad and Google Play
  • Current and historical global rankings for apps on Steam
  • Grouped to your own needs, for example per publisher or app.

Which companys/publishers does screenerlabs analyze?

EA Games

Roblox Corporation

Pubg  Corporation


Sony Interactive Entert.

Activision Blizzard


Bandai Namco


Rockstar games

and 1,000+ more

Which apps/games does screenerlabs analyze?

Beat Saber


Dragon Ball

Candy Crush


Grand Theft Auto V

Call of Duty


Coin Master


and 1,000+ more

Which platforms does screenerlabs analyze?



Google Play


Analyze revenue and user acquisition cost for companies with several publishers.

Makes analyzing companies like "Gravity Interactive", which has several publishers, a breeze.


Shows current and historical app rankings. Select country, platform, and date.

Shows app rankings for 50 largest countries for a publisher. 

Search for app(s) and/or publisher(s). The search query does not need be exact.

Shows revenue and UA (User Acquistion) estimates per publisher.

Shows graphs of revenue and UA (User Acquisition) estimates for several publishers.

Shows tables of revenue and UA (User Acquisition) estimates for several publishers.

Shows and UA (User Acquisition) estimates be region and country.

Screen and sort publishers based on quarterly change in revenue and UA estimates.

Sort the publishers’ sales or UA estimates, week over week or month over month.

and many

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